Final Fantasy VII Remake demo leaks, datamined files hint at PC version


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In case you missed it, a demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake was discovered on the PlayStation Network and some nefarious folks have been busy datamining it to hell and back. Square Enix accidentally left a ton of files pertaining to the full release, you see, and the community is leaving no stone unturned in terms of spoiling every single little bit they can find.

Don’t worry though, you’ll find no spoilers here. We’re more interested in something else that was discovered tucked away inside Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s files.

There are mentions of various graphics settings and resolutions depending on where users are playing on PS4 or PS4 Pro, the only confirmed platforms for FFVII Remake. But, along with this, there are also files pertaining to Xbox One and Xbox One X settings and, here’s the kicker, there are also references to a PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake, including mentions of Nvidia and AMD-related settings.

To be honest, Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to other platforms is basically a given. Square Enix has done this exact same thing time and again, and pretty much every Final Fantasy game is now available on PC thanks to a concerted effort from Square Enix over the last few years. It’s more a question of when rather than if FFVII Remake is coming to PC. On that subject, late 2020 or early 2021 is probably a decent estimate.

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