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Path of Exile, the free-to-play, online Action RPG is getting a new dose of DLC that’s coming in March. The new expansion, Delirium, will see players fighting against the very nightmares they fear… The announcement (and by the way that’s a new sentence, I don’t mean people fear the actual announcement. It was a terrible place to put an ellipsis I know) comes with a new trailer which you can watch below to get a sense of what’s to come…

So it looks like we’ll be getting new Eldritch horrors added to the game. But along with the new enemies are other new features as well. The expansion will bring along the Delirium Challenge League, a Cluster Jewel system, plus new skills, items and support gems, as well as further improvements to the Atlas Endgame.

And if that wasn’t enough, the description for the new enemies are as follows: “Delirium introduces dozens of lethal monster modifiers, many new bosses, and horrifying demons lurking within rare and unique monsters.” Demons within monsters? Okay now you have my attention. “As you travel deeper into the Delirium, you’ll experience more numerous and challenging enemies with greater rewards.

Enter through glass portals to transfer into the world of Delirium. When you step through the portal the map is transformed and affects enemies and encounters. Existing enemies become more powerful under the effects of Delirium and you can exploit past encounters for better rewards and a greater challenge.

Use Orbs of Delirium to apply the effects to endgame maps. Using 1 orb instantly enters you into Delirium for the entire duration of the map, but players can use up to 5 orbs to increase the intensity of the challenge and the rewards.

Whilst under the influence of Delirium, you can search for Simulacrum Splinters. Collect 100 of these to craft a Simulacrum and try to survive the “Ultimate Endgame Delirium Challenge”.

Finally, players can expand their skill tree even further with the new DLC: “Extend your passive skill tree by placing a Cluster Jewel in one of its outermost sockets. With craftable mods that improve the passives generated, add one of 280 new notables, or even graft additional sockets for deeper nesting, Cluster Jewels let you grow your own passive tree.

Dropping from any monster in the Delirium League, these new Jewels are one of the most significant improvements to build customisation since the introduction of Ascendancy Classes.

There’s a lot of new stuff coming to Path of Exile in the new Delirium expansion. It all sounds nuts and exciting in all the good ways. If you would like to read more about what’s being added you can check the announcement post here.

Path of Exile: Delirium is out March 13th.

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