Rumour – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s F2P Battle Royale mode ‘Warzone’ coming in March


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There seems to have been some development on the Battle Royale mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare… According to sources close to VGC,  unless there are some unexpected delays we could see the mode, currently called ‘Warzone’, arrive as soon as early March. And on top of that, Warzone will unlock for all existing owners of the game as well as be released as a free-to-play version for new players.

The update comes after a week’s worth of speculation which all started when Activision dropped the trailer for the second season Battle Pass in which we could see soldiers diving from a plane onto a large map with a peculiar cloud encircling the area. You know, all the trademarks of a classic Battle Royale game. Then some nifty computersmiths managed to data mine lots of information regarding the new mode, including its name and certain locations on the map.

According to those same sources who spilled the beans to VGC: current plans are to start marketing the new mode this week as North American content creators are invited to play the mode ahead of its official release.

Going free-to-play seems like a win-win scenario here: as it can help Warzone get a larger player base and reduce loading/waiting times, as well as introducing players into the franchise who have not yet made a decision on purchasing the reboot. The free-to-play version will also offer players an ‘upgrade’ to the full version of the game, and any existing cosmetic rewards from the Battle Pass will carry over to the new mode.

Additionally we could see this new mode becoming a standalone game for the series, updating the content considerably for each instalment, rather than recreating the mode for every new game that comes out on their tried-and-tested annual release strategy.

Bearing in mind that these are all still rumours as nothing has been officially confirmed yet by Activision, but all the information so far does seem believable. And it could be seen as a brand new pillar alongside the standard campaign, multiplayer and zombies/spec ops modes that are packaged within the ‘Premium’ Call of Duty experiences.

Are you excited for a Call of Duty Battle Royale mode? Will you be getting the free-to-play version if you haven’t already bought the game? Let us know!

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