Cult hit RPG Outward has its first DLC on the way – The Soroboreans


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Outward, the brutal cult hit RPG, has its first DLC on the way. It’s based around the magical faction the Soroboreans, a group of travelling wizard-merchants. Outward achieved cult fame upon release as it was known to be incredibly difficult, with tonnes of survival mechanics, and was especially loved for its inclusion of local and multiplayer coop. Not much is known about the new DLC just yet except for a few tidbits from an official announcement.

First of all, since it’s focused around the Soroboreans the DLC will be, unsurprisingly, mostly focused around magical abilities, enchantments and mechanics. There’ll be a whole lot more content for players who just can’t get enough of this fantasy torture simulator (you sadistic bunch!).

Enchantments will allow players to change their weapons and trinkets and add certain magical effects onto them. 

A new corruption mechanic will also be implemented, adding another thing to the (very) long list of ‘things that can kill you’. In regards to how the corruption system can affect players: “The level of corruption affects you in different ways and if you can’t shake it you could meet an untimely end”… Well that’s not daunting at all *gulp*. 

There will also be new skills and status effects that will help players with the introduction of the new corruption mechanic.

Didn’t think the game was hard enough? So did the developers apparently… And they also think you might not be ready for it either: “Time to start a new character? Do you have enough Travel Rations for this one?” They mockingly tease… Fine! You got me! Are you proud, huh? Are you happy? Yeah I bet you are… laughing as I desperately start a new game after my last character died of starvation for the 800th time…

The DLC will be coming out sometime around Spring 2020 and the developer, Nine Dots Studio, promises it will be harder and more punishing. “The world just got a whole lot scarier” it says, as if the base game wasn’t hard enough.

Are you excited for the DLC? Have you been enjoying the brutal journey of Outward? (I know you’re out there) Let us know!

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